Delivery Services

We have thousands of vetted and trusted couriers on SiyaSo Logistics, and we have our delivery service, and we use Vaya as our third-party logistics partner. We pride our selves as the best on the market to offer world-class service, one which all Zimbabweans are proud of.

SiyaSo Logistics strives for excellence while keeping the delivery prices affordable. Either you bought your products from, or you want good bought or collected from anywhere delivered, SiyaSo Logistics is at your service.

Our courier services currently operate at 5 days’ delivery period maximum; our best time scales are when goods are delivered to customers in a matter of hours. We achieve great things due to experienced and determined employees. We have had far in-between towns, example a courier is already taking several items from Harare to Mutare in their van, but after completing those deliveries, they have to drive back to Harare again empty of cargo.

This is when the customer gets some heavily discounted prices as a courier would be leaving one city or town empty. This seats well with SiyaSo sustainability goals, less carbon footprint, affordable delivery cost and reduced waste. So, whether you are moving a single item in Harare or multiple items to Bulawayo, Beitbridge, Mutare or further afield, SiyaSo Logistics can assist.

It’s simple. You fill out one short form describing what you need to move and wait for the quotes to be emailed to you. However, if you are buying from Siyaso, your delivery cost is stipulated at the payment point, so you do not need to fill in a form. You can only fill in the form if you are looking for deliveries of items outside of the SiyaSo Online Market place.

Having a picture that you can share with the delivery customer service team would be helpful, it would make the decision on what type of vehicle to despatch to you easier. Requests with photos tend to get 40% cheaper quotes.

Once you have filled out the form and submitted your delivery request, you can sit back, relax and let SiyaSo Logistics take care of the hard work for you. Certainly beats phoning around one company after the next only to get expensive quotes and no idea of quality.

We recommend allowing a 24 hour before we can come back to you with a quote as we would be searching for the best quote from thousands of transport providers in our database, but it’s not uncommon to get a great price within a few minutes. Most transport providers offer a national goods delivery service. However, we do also have cargo couriers’ companies that can transport goods out of Zimbabwe to other countries.

Once you have received the quote, we recommend you check if that’s ok for you to proceed, call us back if you have any questions, you accept or decline the offer, and the customer can help you have your good delivered. Send customer service a few questions, including their availability to pick up your item. Once you have agreed on dates and you are happy, you can click on accept the quote to book your shipment slot.

Now that you have booked your goods collection and delivery service, the transporter will give you a courtesy call to let you know when they expect to be at the collection point.

When buying from SiyaSo Online, all the above does not apply, your transport cost is calculated during check out, your goods are dispatched within 4 working days and in many circumstances even earlier.

Please do prepare your items ready for pick up; time is of the essence; the driver’s job is to pick up the items and not to pack the items. Please make sure you have the items ready before the driver gets to you.

Ahead of this, we recommend you do the following:

  • Verify Packaging/Protection: Check with us if we will be supplying blankets, bubble wrap or similar to protect your goods during transit. If not, we would advise you package and protect the products as best you can yourself ahead of collection.
  • Check Insurance:  Your goods will have goods in transit insurance in the unlikely case your items are lost or damaged in transit.
  • Evidence: We highly recommend you take photos of your products before collection. This documentation can be beneficial in proving damage was incurred during the goods shipping process.

It is a requirement of every one of our transport providers on SiyaSo Logistics to have adequate goods in transit insurance, especially for the goods removals they carry out. If you have a particularly valuable item, it is worth double-checking with our deliveries customer service the best way they can assist you.

Once your delivery has been completed, we recommend you check over the condition before signing anything. In the unlikely case that there are signs of new damage, the issue should be raised with the transporter immediately.

SiyaSo Logistics only works because of the community, who leave feedback after their delivery. So, whether your experience was positive or there was room for improvement, please do leave feedback for your transport provider on SiyaSo Logistics.